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War on Terror – Wikipedia

War on Terror; Clockwise from top left: Aftermath of the September 11 attacks; American infantry in Afghanistan; an American soldier and Afghan interpreter in Zabul

Criticism of the War on Terror – Wikipedia

Criticism of the War on Terror addresses the morals, ethics, efficiency, economics, as well as other issues surrounding the War on Terror. It also touches upon

War on Terror (game) – Wikipedia

War on Terror, The Boardgame is a satirical, strategic board game, produced and published in 2006 by TerrorBull Games. War on Terror was …

Timeline of the War on Terror – Wikipedia

The War on Terror is the campaign launched by the United States of America in response to the September 11 attacks against organizations designated with terrorism.

Category:War on Terror – Wikipedia

War on Terror (GWOT) was a US-led international campaign launched in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and is still going.

Iraq War and the War on Terror – Wikipedia

First, was this war necessary or did it actually divert important resources from al Qaeda and the true war on terror? The withdrawal of American military forces from

War on Terrorism – Simple English Wikipedia, the free

The War on Terrorism, or War on Terror, is a campaign that the United States and some of its allies started to remove terrorist groups and to punish the states that

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