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Deadline Neill Blomkamp To Direct New ' RoboCop ' For MGM; Justin Rhodes Rewriting Sequel Script By Creators Ed Neumeier Deadline EXCLUSIVE: MGM is developing a new installment of RoboCop and has set District 9 director Neill Blomkamp to helm the picture, which is titled RoboCop Returns. The studio hopes to revive a franchise that began with the Paul Verhoeven-directed satirical  Neill Blomkamp to Direct ' RoboCop ' Sequel Variety A new RoboCop is in the works with Neill Blomkamp Polygon Is the New ' RoboCop ' Sequel Neill Blomkamp's Last Chance? The Ringer (blog) Digital Trends  –  – IndieWire

Hollywood Reporter Neill Blomkamp Set by MGM to Direct ' RoboCop Returns' | THR News Hollywood Reporter Neill Blomkamp Set by MGM to Direct ' RoboCop Returns' | THR News. 7/11/2018 – by THR Staff. RoboCop , the cyborg police officer who patrols the streets of Detroit, is returning to the big screen. Read More 

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District 9 is a 2009 science fiction action film directed by Neill Blomkamp, written by Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell, and produced by Peter Jackson and Carolynne Cunningham.It is a co-production of New Zealand, the United States, and South Africa. The film stars Sharlto Copley, Jason Cope, and David James, and was adapted from Blomkamp’s …

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It’s a shame that this movie is usually snubbed by shoving it into the "action" category. Sure, there are lot of legendary action sequences to be found, but RoboCop is a …

RoboCop: Looking Ahead to Its Planned "Direct Sequel

Neither The Corporate Wars, nor Kershner’s RoboCop 2 managed to find such a universal, appealing story to tell. In them, Robo is again a terse, marching executioner – the very thing the first film

RoboCop: The Franchise of Diminishing Returns | Den of Geek

Paul Verhoeven’s RoboCop is something of a sacred cow among fans.The 1987 film presses so many buttons that it’s almost impossible to look at it objectively anymore, which is why Jose Padilha

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What does the term “cloud gaming” mean, and is it really the wave of the future? We shed light on this huge trend and why it is taking the gaming…

The Walking Dead Season 9 Time Jump Details Revealed

The new showrunner for ‘The Walking Dead’ offers details on how the time jump for Season 9 will affect both the characters and the entire feel of the series going forward.

John Cena Wants a Fast & Furious Team-up With …

Speaking with EW, Cena further expressed a desire to team up with Johnson on the Fast & Furious movie series. He also dismissed his previous complaints that Johnson turned his back on the WWE as being "stupid" and said that he feels the pair’s dynamic in the ring could translate well onto the big screen: “That stuff is beyond my control, but I …

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The 80’s had some quality military hardware in several action movies; two featured state of the art aircraft. One being a helicopter the other being a plane – the movies?

Star Trek: Discovery Review (Ep 1 & 2) – Good But With

Netflix and Marvel have officially released a teaser trailer for Daredevil season 3. The teaser finds a beaten and bloody Daredevil (Charlie Cox) …

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